Well Hello There!

I would ask what brought you to me, whether you came directly or took a trip down the rabbit hole, but the truth is: it doesn't matter how you got here. It only matters that you've arrived.

If you're anything like me then you abhor the common and the mundane. You’re bold, curious, and insatiable in your desires. Always seeking something exotic but familiar, thrilling and erotic yet somehow still intimately sensual.

Some have tried, and perhaps they’ve come close, but the aching for something beyond the mere physical still plagues you. Because, for people like you and I, good is simply not enough. You crave a fiery connection, a soft, delicate touch, and to be mesmerised by the way a beautiful woman wears your name on her lips in the throes of passion. Won't you let me wear yours?


Furiously Fast Facts

1. I stand at an elegant 5'8" on the rare occasion I'm without a gorgeous pair of stilettos.

2. I'm in my mid 20s; a fact that shocks many people, including myself.

3. I've lived across four continents, speak five languages, & I'm always packed for a last minute getaway.

4. Currently, I am finalising my plans to achieve total world domination; just ask me about my degree!

5. I am tattooed. After all, the body is a temple & must be adorned accordingly.



There are few things I adore more than a strong cup of tea, amazing food paired with an intellectually engaging conversation, or a gentle hand splayed firmly across the small of my back...

A highly ambitious exotic ebony muse with a quick mind and deliciously sharp tongue, I strike the perfect balance between vivacious African charm and timeless European elegance. I'm stimulated by genuine connections and irresistibly drawn to those who lead bold, curious lives. As life-long bookworm & lover of fiction, I've developed an unquenchable thirst for pure escapism. I bet you have, too. You're here after all.



I love elegant, contemporary fashion and have an acute sense of style, which means I not only enjoy dressing up but dressing well.



Honest to a fault, I’ll quickly admit that I am not for every man nor is every man for me. If you're here to check off a long list of abbreviations then our appetites simply do not align.  The select gentlemen I keep in my company crave to build deep, lasting connections, just as I do. Because time with me is more than just a date: it's an intimate journey we take with each other.